High Performance Strength and Conditioning Sessions


At Injuries West there is a culture of keeping the body in great shape all year round.


We have the ability to call upon a vast amount of experience for rehabilitating injuries, surgeries and the like to focus on Strength and Conditioning.


Strength and Conditioning is often confused with personal training, however they are two distinct different professions, with different aims and objectives.


Strength and Conditioning has a totally different aspect of obtaining the best you can be and is based on a year round scheduling.


This means :


: Seasonal to the sport and or position played in team sports.

: Preparation of individual, team and tactical athletes fitness.

: Sub-phases, nervous system, adrenaline, aerobic fitness, power and strength all have to be nutured

  in the peak development of an athlete.

: Programs are based around season duration what is both needed and expected by Coach and        



Our Strength and Conditioning Programs are held at Eagle Stadium, Ballan Road , Werribee.


If you are aged between 10 years - 25 years and are interested in participating in the sessions, please contact Leanne  : leanne@injurieswest.com.au or 9974 3863.


Term 2 positions are now open.